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  3. In the middle of a recession, an extreme-couponing business was the coolest place to work.
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Cans of Old Style.

This smaller, more pared down version of the famed Au Cheval focuses on its big sister's cult favorite, and what many say is truly the best burger in Chicago. Possibly the shortest food menu in the city, it lists just three things: The drink menu is longer than the food menu, and lists pitchers of beer and the house special boozy punch. We're on an ongoing quest to find the best burgers in every major U.

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Beauty & Spas in Chicago, IL

Built by high-school sweethearts, the classic drive-in is clearly doing something right, because it's been a favorite of native Chicagoans since The Superdawg deviates from the classic Chicago-dog recipe in only one respect: I am not a big duck fan, but this duck was totally different meaty, juicy and the plum sauce was heavenly. The waitstaff was very attentive and patient.

Quiet atmosphere and a beautiful view of the Magnificent Mile. Servers are wonderful and very attentive.

Chicago Food & Drink - Deals in Chicago, IL | Groupon

Lovely ambience, wonderful service and juicy Peking duck made it an amazing experience. An acclaimed chef on how to find the best Chinese dishes you're probably overlooking. Pizzeria Uno invented the iconic cheesy dish in and it and its sister location Pizzeria Due are still slinging slices today. Always a great experience, and I love bringing friends to enjoy it as well!!!

In the middle of a recession, an extreme-couponing business was the coolest place to work.

Excellent service and friendly professional staff!! Best pizza in town. Bring your pals, especially if you have visitors. Absurdity snuck into every aspect of the workplace; potential candidates were asked to draw self-portraits at their own job interviews, and teams were named after Jean-Claude Van Damme movies.

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In an arid wasteland of jobs, Groupon and its imitators were like desert oases for income-thirsty 20somethings, especially white ones. In May , a 3,word story in The New York Times about Groupon followed the making of a deal for horseback riding lessons as it shuffled along a conveyor belt of young people, from a year-old English major writing the copy to the year-old assistant theater director-turned-fact-checker to the year-old Second City alum who gave it the final edit.

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As Groupon swelled, so too did its ranks. A year after Forbes had crowned it the fastest-growing company in history, Grouponers were some 8, in number , and they were everywhere.

When Groupon ruled Chicago

At the office, Masterson bumped into people not only from his old job, but also from the radio station where he volunteered. Workers work on projects at Groupons international headquarters in Chicago. What could possibly go wrong? As the industry ballooned and bloated, companies like Groupon began to sag beneath its own weight, and working there started to lose its luster. Hundreds of new employees were hired each week, and roles were messily shuffled, redefined, and combined.

Meanwhile, the myriad clones and competitors began dropping like flies.

Even CEO Andrew Mason himself got canned eventually, a mere two years after taking the company public. Eggers chalked that swift demise up to the fact that, in the race for signing up merchants, salespeople began to ignore one very important thing: The relentlessly aggressive sales force started going after a lot of sub-par merchants, and at a certain point, most of the businesses signing up were the ones already struggling.

A Groupon deal became a last-ditch effort to survive, when in reality it was more of a funeral dirge. Today, the daily deal company format is technically still around, but it has more cultural relevance as a Broad City backdrop than as the behemoth it once was.

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In other words, not even Tiffany Haddish can save you. Well, Masterson fulfilled his dream of becoming a copyeditor.

Bean is a media studies professor at City Colleges of Chicago. Mitchell writes for a television show. They look back on their rollercoaster ride at the front lines of the bubble with a mix of nostalgia, bewilderment, and gallows humor. For all its shortcomings — the short-sightedness of it, the whirlwind pace, the absurdity of crafting compelling sales copy for things like this — there was also nothing quite like it, said Masterson.

When Groupon ruled Chicago In the middle of a recession, an extreme-couponing business was the coolest place to work.