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I also have 2 cards that don't serve me any purpose. Amex card I haven't touched in a year, its about 2. I also have a Visa from scotiabank that is cosigned with my dad 4 years old. I know closing those accounts may hurt my credit score by a few points, but is there any other issue I should look out for? I will definitely be closing the Visa as its cosigned and I don't want our credit files linked anymore. My cards are always paid in full, never carry balances, never missed a payment. Am I going to deal with a huge drop in score? Should it even really matter?

How do you check your reward activity with this card? Hi everybody, a friend is coming from overseas and would like to leave with a significant amount of cash a bit less than 10k Hr's an Oil expat worker with saving in some Caribbean island. He says Canadian dollars are fine since we can co an exchange them at a kiosk or a bank, but I not so sure they will exchange the amount he wants. To make this short there are two isses here: Preferably in USD no banks account here 2 If USD is not an options, do you know if banks or exchange kiosks where he doesn't have an account can arrange such a sum?

Another option, he said he'd like to avoid is getting the money from the ATM, mostly because of the daily cash limits and the fees associated to ATMs Thanks. My threads on real estate have become immensely popular so I thought I would start another one. I've already shown people how to save a ton of money on the selling their home with my handy dandy guide you can find here: If you become a real estate agent in Ontario then you can pay yourself the 2.

The buying commission is a hard to avoid when selling a home because agent's won't show your home unless they get a decent commission so you have to offer at least 2. It's unethical and they are not supposed to shun homes with lower commissions but, guess what - they do! I'm doing it to save the 2. Not much I have found, not much at all! If you go to the Ontario Real Estate Association website www. The Pre-Registration Segment is 4 hour courses, 3 of which can be done thru correspondence or e-learning and one that has to be done in a classroom setting.

Some people have finished all 4 courses in 4 mos! Then you have up to find a brokerage to associate yourself with and 12 mos to apply and get Initial Salesperson Registration at reco. This is the Articling Segment during which all you have to do is 3 more hour courses within 24 mos, one of which is in the classroom.

Becoming a Customer Service Rep?? (Bank Teller) - Forums

You don't have to transact a single real estate deal ever to become full fledged agent or anytime thereafter, just pay some rather measly fees annually, especially compared to the insanely high commissions you'll be getting for simple work. Yes, it's true! Also, there is no requirement to have a mentor or be part of a team even.

Just go sell, on your own, no mess no spill. I called OREA to ask them this and, although it is not spelled out on their website, the critical factor is exam dates. You set your exam date for the course you are taking when you enrol and many exam dates are booked up so you have to wait unless you want to drive a few hours out of the city to a location like London, Ontario, etc, where there is not as many people taking the exam. You won't get a discount, though, when you finally enrol in the next course because you already bought the course materials.

Also, if you take the exam, do the iPad version as you get your results in 24 hours vs 7 days. The less delay the quicker you can enrol in the next course and get an early exam date. That's 1 hour a month to keep your licence! You still are a licensed real estate sales person as required by all legislation and can still buy and sell real estate and use MLS, just not as a TREB member.

Your licence is as a result of paying RECO, not those associations. I'm doing all the courses online except the 2 that they force you to go to a class for ugghh. I am going to try to do it in 4 months total, but that really depends on the scheduling for the exam dates and classroom study dates I can get. Aside from that all you need to have is business cards, some minor office supplies, a computer, smartphone, some decent clothes and a half-decent car and pay for gas.

If I only sell one house, which is like shooting fish in a barrel, that's 2. HST has been left out for now for clarity purposes. And, yes I know not all houses are going to sell for over a million and some clients won't buy, etc, but I think you catch my drift. Sign me up! Wait, I am already signed up and doing the course.

Turns out the OREA courses do not cover customer service, marketing, or negotiation strategies. It shouldn't be a mystery why. Because there ain't much to it! Hi, Does anyone know how much it costs to purchase trip cancellation coverage with this card? Changes to Legal Stuff Effective November 1, , your Legal Stuff brochure will be revised to reflect the changes described above and will be renamed, Products and Services Agreement.

You can access the revised agreement at pcfinancial. You can access these terms and conditions at pcfinancial. We want to ensure that the products we offer are right for you. By continuing to use or hold your banking product or service after the changes take effect, you are accepting these changes. Of course, you can contact us at 1 to discuss account options or to cancel your account without cost for up to 30 days after the changes take effect on November 1, Our teams are committed to ensuring a smooth transition.

If you have any questions, please visit pcfinancial. Trademarks used under licence.

What does that mean? They transfer all daily banking to CIBC? Posted by supertronic — Aug 16th, I've been using uFile for several years now and filing electronically opting for direct-deposit of my tax refunds. I appreciate the convenience and relatively quick turn-around time to get my tax refund each spring. For the and the tax years, CRA followed up during the following summers to ask for receipts to substantiate information I'd submitted.

In summer , I had to mail in receipts from tax year. This year, they've improved things and I'm able to scan-to-pdf and email them the receipts from I'm just wondering how regularly others get pinged by CRA with requests for more information after initial assessment. Everyone at work I've talked to has said they've never been asked by CRA for additional information.

Posted by P4N6 — Aug 16th, Anyone have any details on how this works? Basically the RRSP would be holding mortgage. I have heard it's possible but can't find a good explanation of how it would work. Posted by WinnipegRedFlager — Aug 16th, Hi, I just have a question to ask to the public and see if everyone else thinks it is serious as well.

Here is the story: One day, I checked my bank account and I noticed that a dollar was withdrew from my chequing account and the description showed the withdraw was related to TD account. I didn't think it was a big deal since it was just a dollar but I still called the TD customer service and asked why there was a dollar withdrew from my account.

I was then been told by a customer service rep that the withdraw was due to a saving plan I had, which whenever I use my debit card, a dollar would be withdrew in to my saving account from chequing. I was shocked because I have never signed up for it and the representative told me how it was set up for me on June 1st I was really mad about it because I knew I did go into one of the TD branches on that day but the purpose of the trip was simply withdrawing money and I was not asked for any additional questions about getting any plans nor did I sign up for any plans. The representative simply cancelled the call for me and the supervisor I talked to on that call said they would investigate the case because I said I would like to file a complain and I wanted a explanation for it.

A week after. I called back again since I didn't get any calls back and another TD supervisor simply just told me that he would send a note to the first supervisor I talked to and let him know I was expecting a call. A few days after, I did get a call back again, but the representative did not know what the issue was and I had to explain everything again. I got the same reply along the line of "we would investigate into the case and contact the branch manager and get him to call you back". It has been more than a week now, I still haven't got any calls back from TD to explain how or why I have been signed up for a saving plan without my consent and if it was the same teller that signed me up for the plan as the one I was talking to on June 1st to simply withdraw my money.

I just want a clear explanation and an apology from that branch but from what I experience so far, TD isn't taking this case seriously at all and maybe the representatives and supervisors think it will just die down eventually? Is it just me being mean and unforgiving about this case or it is might right to find out exactly what happen? I want the public opinions because I do want to submit this story to the local news if you believe this is serious as well and TD isn't responding back in a responsible way. Thank you for your time to read my form and sharing your opinions.

Posted by j — Aug 16th, 2: I have the TD high interest savings account. The fees are charged month end.

Becoming a Customer Service Rep?? (Bank Teller)

I had less than 25k in account. Or will they still charge me somehow? Posted by wra45mon — Aug 16th, 2: It's live for businesses and freelancers right now, but we'd love you to try it out while we put the finishing touches on the personal version. The Borderless account makes living, traveling, and sending money internationally painless.

You get: So now, you can say to family and friends in Europe, 'just pay into my euro account'. And they can.

Bank Teller Salary - Education Requirements, Job Duties, Income for Tellers

Faster, easier money transfer: Put a chunk of money in your Borderless account, and use it to pay for your transfers more quickly. Super-simple multicurrency: Posted by rafaeel — Aug 16th, 3: This just landed in my email inbox today. Mogo prepaid Visa. Load up the card by transfering money from your bank account.

Advertised Caveats: Student Help Brands. Advice to high schoolers: Most BA and BSc holders cannot find work, they have to resort to doing jobs that pay just a little above minimum wage. Why are you going to university in the first place? Who is financing your education?

What do you hope to make out of your degree? Yes 9. This post was deleted. So what should we pursue? Besides accounting, nursing, engineering? Business, finance and accounting are over saturated as well. Almost as bad as arts or science. Everyone wants to be investment bankers or actuaries or want to work for the big 4 and now all these people are going into business and are coming out with trouble finding jobs. Nursing and engineering are secure jobs. Yes 4. Yes 1. Such depressing stats but I agree it is a fact that business is over saturated.

Though I don't think engineering should be consider "secure" jobs now, if you look at the newest report from OSPE report on unemployment of engineers, it is quite high. Yes 2. Thanks for the update. Im realizing that alot of people are resorting to engineering because it used to be such an "in demand" position but i guess its beginning to become saturated as well.

I thought almost all jobs in the medical field were secure? Not just nursing? Do what you love, put in the work, and with a little bit of luck you should be okay. Yes Matt Jones, you're the man bro. There is medical school, doctors are always needed. Do you know how competitive medical school is? Yes 3. This is why we need nurses to care for them, not doctors. Many med students can't find residencies in Canada. Yes 5.

ING Direct Thrive vs PC Financial – Battle of Free Chequing Accounts

That would only be a short boost. All med students can find residencies, its just that some who studied abroad can't. Like if you go outside of North America its difficult to find residency. Also, some surgical specialties are oversaturated but most doctors are fine. I guess the good thing about university is that you can always change your major right? But it still sucks when your passion in the arts or sciences fails to land you a job.

There's also the whole situation of all that time and money that gets wasted with changing majors. There are job opportunities all over the world. You need to get out of your comfort zone. Plus, you need to continue your education, an undergrad is not going to cut it. Yes 7. Yes 6. Study what you want to study for the sole purpose of learning. This advice is good, if you're ok with living a life full of debt. Most people aren't able to go to graduate school.

It's highly competitive because due to the volatile job market, everyone is going back to university to do a masters or get into a professional program. It's not as easy as saying, oh forget my BSc, I'll just go to med school after. Or my BA in English doesn't matter because I'll just go to law school after. Graduate schools are accepting only a few hundred people, while rejecting thousands of applications. People need a suitable backup in case this happens. Not to mention a lot of people burnout after 4 years in university or have too much debt that they are not willing to incur more. I notice a difference between this forum and others such as redflagdeals, lawstudents and premed These latter forums are very realistic, will straight up tell you whether you have a good shot for grad school or whether a certain degree is a good idea.

But this forum, all these high schoolers are naively optimistic, saying do what you love, you'll be successful.