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You don't even know the person. Haha I ditched apple. Your loss. Have fun putting so much effort into being a contrarian. This should be a lesson learned that you can't do business with such an unethical, untrustworthy country. Not long ago US were caught wiretapping European countries. That is already a fact admitted by US itself. What you mentioned is purely false accusation without any fact and all major tech companies deny it happens. Who is unethical here? You can deny it all you want, while the evidence continues to roll in.

Such a shame! Don't buy this phone! Not every prime member will get such discount. If you had got similar discount recently, you won't get this deal. Becareful, Your iPad is watching you. Those dummies are not that smart. Why do hua wei shills always think they can hide hua wei spying by saying other brands do it too? Just ignore them. They can keep trying to defend their inferior products, but customers keep choosing. That was for 32GB.

Wrong thread. You meant to post on the Huawee "deal". Becareful, n. Google drop. It's Winnie the Pooh, emperor for life in Ch! Information about Amex reward offer added to the post. You need to link your Amex reward to Amazon account and check if you received the Amazon device offer in your Amex account. Good luck! It is spelled DUMB. No, this is the model. But you are buying it in Is this model?

This is only a good deal for this who need gb of space. Otherwise for the same price , you can get a 6th generation iPad 32 gb that supports apple pencil and has a newer processor. You may need to buy both the 5th and 6th gen in order to find out the difference. Dealsea always have good deals for both gen. Thanks Dealsea! What is the difference from the 5th gen? There is some major inconsistency on the seller's page.

Title shows model Gen 6.

Also description shows LTE support, title does not. So is there LTE or not? Looks like apple is going to release a new model. The new model will be "New Apple ipad" with A11processor. But no difference. Hello, We are so sorry to inform you that there was a bug in our system and the pricing showed by an error. We are truly sorry to inform you that your order will be canceled and money will go to your account immidetly. Again Sorry. The new one will support Amazon pencil, facebook pencil etc. The new one will support google pencil also. Dude you need to adjust your brightness.

It is only good for night time. They did not cancel mine because I did not place one. Same here. I only use Linux on a laptop, so I have no use for this iPad. And they did not cancel my order. Even though you didn't place the order, just check your credit card. I wasn't even thinking about buying one, but I sent Apple the money anyway because they are the best tech company on earth. Yes, having the top products in the world is the best form of marketing. You are right! The iPad has been released since March 27th. Its ok price for ipad. Does this one work with the pencil?

What is stick tape? Did you fail your ESL class? Remember to over webcam with stick tape. Did you graduate from elementary school? Remember to cover webcam with stick tape. Which Kindle is it? I'm guessing that one must be GB while this one is 32GB. Awesome deal! I got one from Walmart for a couple weeks ago.. Usually 90 days on electronics. Not sure about Apple products. Since you bought it only couple of days back, you could return without a problem, or if it is online at walmart. Also check if your credit card does pricematch. There are a lot more than you think. Especially high technology can not be made in ch1na.

Is there anything not made in ch.

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What kind of tape does the Chines water arm. Remember to cover the camera with a stick tape. Goggle N. A ise. For example iPhone? As pathetic as it can be, after all you just undermine yourself by hating your own nation. App Login or Register , Deal Alert. Apple iPad Pro Shipping is free. Anonymous Still unclear who would need an IPad Pro. Anonymous professionals can make very good use of it. Anonymous Office won't be free on iPad Pro. It's only free on screen less than 10 inches.

Anonymous I only use iPad Pro for taking notes Anonymous It is well known that iPad is better than all other tablets, and iPad Pro is the best of the iPads. Anonymous Amazon HD10 tablet has a better value for the money. Anonymous photo or videos editing. Anonymous Will it bend?

Will it bend? Anonymous Buy it then try bending it! Anonymous iPad Pro is a tablet which is not a replacement for laptop. I really enjoy using my surface pro particularly on the road 2 days ago Up 1 Reply. Anonymous Spypod pro?

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Anonymous Isn't that the copyrighted name of the new Hua-wei device? Anonymous I only use it for porn 23 hours ago Up 0 Reply. Space Gray.

50 coupons, codes and deals

Same deal at Amazon Silver also [ amazon ] Gold also [ amazon ]. Anonymous Wow, they already start sell these latest models at discount? Anonymous Sorry. You are not eligible for this coupon. Anonymous i careless how fast or how good the ipad is, its still an ipad and no way i will pay for it. Anonymous do not buy, the price will drop more, Apple is in down turn, significant price cut is expected!

Anonymous Costco has the same deal. Anonymous go ahead and get it which is a good price. Anonymous Of course Anonymous obscene price. Anonymous iPad release date is March, price will be lower then. Anonymous Apple iPad is number one. Anonymous That's the entry level iPad for low balls. Anonymous sure apple boi. Anonymous only off, not a deal 1 week ago Up 1 Reply. Anonymous True. Pegasi14 does not look like latest model 1 month ago Up 0 Reply. Anonymous data not safe in this device 1 month ago Up 0 Reply. Anonymous How is this a deal with a 2 year contract? Anonymous It's a deal for dealsea.

Shipping is free with Amazon Prime. OMG, model 3 weeks ago Up 2 Reply. Anonymous all in? Anonymous why do you need this when you have kindle fire?? Anonymous Your question says it's not for you.. Anonymous screen toooooooooooo small 2 months ago Up 2 Reply. Anonymous Is the last item typo? Anonymous Is the headphone good? Anonymous unless it is 10" screen, it is useful and hard to read.

Anonymous Reading list for ? Anonymous sorry I never read 2 months ago Up 0 Reply. Anonymous This is cr p. Anonymous stop it, huawee boy! Anonymous Hua-Wei boy needs to get a life! Anonymous why not getting a laptop at this price. Anonymous very high resolution display for photos, movies, and internet.

Anonymous why not getting surface pro at this price 1 month ago Up 0 Reply. Gold [ amazon ] Silver GB Apple Space Grey [ amazon ]. Anonymous Thanks! I think that was a better deal. Anonymous way to expensive for a tablet 2 months ago Up 0 Reply. Anonymous You spelled "too" incorrectly. Anonymous What is the special offer? Anonymous hotchickos 2 months ago Up 0 Reply. Anonymous Google apps are off-limits. Anonymous Good paperweight 3 months ago Up 3 Reply. Anonymous I have one for 3 months.

Anonymous Me too. Anonymous I buy if this is 64 GB. Shipping is free with Prime Day Free Trial.

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Anonymous can use on phones? Anonymous Can iOS be installed in Android? Anonymous Pretty good! Anonymous It is hard to believe how popular Apple products are. They sell out so fast! Anonymous Yeah.. Anonymous what's the size? Anonymous 7. Anonymous omg yes and ipad pro is going to be even more magical! Anonymous At my work, everyone is talking about the new Macbook Mini and iPad Pro after the awesome Apple event the other day. Anonymous Back! Great, I missed it last time.

Anonymous Yes it can. Anonymous Becarefully. Your ipad is watching you. Anonymous backdoor. Anonymous Wrong deal, dude.

Amazon Promo Codes, Coupons & Deals

Anonymous Not true actually. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items. Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here. Link to this Wiki. This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users.

Looks like you've reached the maximum amount of orders allowed for this promo. Helpful Comment? Quote from GrandMstrBud: New User. Thanks in for one. I'm looking for a new kindle for my wife. She had a kindle hdx that my son broke. Is this tablet better than the hdx? Thanks in advance. Quote from tommy I don't think this is the new one as it says that the screen is only x instead of p and the CPU is not 1.

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Quote from Logster Its not a deal if its the version of the Fire HD 10, with the miserable x screen. Page 1 of 7. Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Deal Alerts. Get notified on new deals directly in your inbox or on your phone By adding this Deal Alert, you'll be notified automatically any time we find a popular deal that matches these keywords:.

New Kindle Screen Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals | Get Cheap New Kindle Screen from

We will never share your email address with a third party. Add Deal Alert Nevermind. Humble Bundle: Razer - Blade Stealth Dell Inspiron 13 2-in1 Laptop: Ryzen 7 U,